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About me


My story

My work is often inspired by nature. I love the colors of nature, such as those found in the forest or by the coastline.

As often as we can we go to visit the North Seacoast. The coastline always calms me down en makes me feel at peace. 

But we are also lucky enough to live very nearby the woods, whenever I have a spare moment, you can find me there.

People tell me that my work radiates tranquillity. That is one of the biggest compliments I can get. I love it when my pieces bring someone joy.

My background is in Textiles, and sometimes I like to combine textiles with ceramics. After a good 15 years working with clay I am still exploring and discovering.  The colours that I often use are my own mixture of ceramic pigments or mixtures of commercial glazes.

I like to make slabbuild or wheelthrown ceramics. For functional and decorative use.

Nicolle ❤️

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